Dogs and cats, like humans and other vertebrates, have endocannabinoid systems. Our CBD for pets interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system to help support the overall well-being of pets. As with all Social products, our stringent testing standards ensure our CBD oil meets the strictest limits for contaminants like pesticides, microbials, solvents and heavy metals, and tests at 0.0% THC.

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Social holds our pet products to the same strict testing standards as our human CBD solutions. Products undergo extensive independent laboratory analysis to ensure maximum potency without the risk of impurities: we test for 30 residual contents and 60 pesticides. We proudly stand among the select few who can guarantee 100% CBD and 0.0% THC.

CBD Tincture for Dogs & Cats

Social Pets CBD Oil Drops are formulated with 100% plant-based, using proprietary flavors, resulting in a mouth-watering formula that’s irresistible to furry friends. Newly reformulated with Broad Spectrum CBD Oil to help pets experience hemp extract at its full potential. Our formulation delivers CBD, plus additional natural cannabinoids, providing the full benefits of hemp with 0.0% THC just for your pet.

Safe for your best friend(s), Social Pets CBD Oil Drops are tested to the same strict standards as our products for human consumption and test at 0.0% THC. It’s our mission to provide pets with honest, pure, and loving support you can feel confident in.

CBD for Paws

Protect those paws! Social Pets CBD Paw Balm is thoughtfully formulated with moisturizing, lick-safe ingredients to soothe dry, cracked paws and noses while protecting from normal wear and tear. Featuring powerful Ingredients like cocoa and shea butter that provide a restorative base that is infused with lavender, oregano and ginger essential oils, these tried and true ingredients are balanced to provide the optimal topical benefit to pets. Paw Balm can be applied to both dogs and cats and is lick safe!