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Lab ID: 19-001234-0001

Lot ID: LTOP-03

Batch 19-007538

Batch 19-007581

Batch 18-011282

Batch 19-001953

Batch FGP-01 through FGP-04

Batch LTOP-03

Batch 19-007091

Batch 19-004088

Batch LTOP-02 through LTOP-03

Batch 1-004631

Batch 19-006660

Batch 19-007237

Batch 19-007305

Batch 19-007405

Batch G9F0411-01

Batch G9F0114-02

Batch LFGP-09

Batch LPD-195

Batch CBDC-20

Batch 19-006796

Batch 19-009435

Batch 19-006996

Batch 19-009712

Batch 19-009477

Batch 19-008287

Batch 19-009816

Batch 19-008161

Batch 19-007797

Batch 19-008513

Batch 19-007654

Batch 19-008079


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This industrial hemp by-product contains not more than three-tenths percent (0.3%) total delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), including precursors, by weight.